Window Vista search sucks

Ok, I was going to search a .wav file, I know what folder it was on, so I type in part of the filename but it didn’t show up! I find eventually w/o the search, and I copied the whole name on the search, but nothing happened! I even went into advance search, but it didn’t show up! It could find the shortcut, but not the real file. Omg, censoredbeep.wav


3 Responses to “Window Vista search sucks”

  1. Ha ha..M$ will tend to screw, whereever they can.

  2. yea, the search does suck

  3. Firstly I feel your pain – there was nothing wrong with the old search, why did they change it anyways?

    The old search supported wild cards, the new search relies heavily on indexed locations, and many many times I search for stuff, I can’t find it via the advanced, full search.

    Bottomline – MS screwed up a perfectly fine search method, and instead gave us a search thats “granny” friendly. But how granny friendly can it be when even hardened IT pros battle to use it effectively?

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