Sora, from Unichat, I’m so sorry for harassing you.

I am Batboy/Batboys. Back then the Unichat era(2000’s), I used to (electronically)punch you, and scrawl/exit away like a cowardous little bat I was. This stupid childish habit lasted for months or weeks. My mind has expanded to any length to make fun of in front of the users. I even made a chatroom that has the title, “SORA SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!”(Or something like that). But you would return fire by making a another chatroom titled, “BATBOY SUCKS” but that would be soon an insult to batboy users. But, I didn’t take what you would felt into consideration. I’m sorry, I hurt your feelings, I’m very sorry.

Why did I chose to become enemy with you back then? Sora was a well known name in the anime series “Digimon(I still don’t like it today)”. I liked it, but then I started to hate it. One reason was it was a copy off from Pokemon, another reason was that whole Digimon transformation theme(I still find it annoying today) theme song. But the way I developed to hate things, was like a militia/army/warfare sense. I treated everything I hate like an enemy that needs to be dealt, like a real war. This has probably been developed because I played alot of videogames in the past, but I haven’t played any military game in the past. So I guess my sense was a major Fanboy Bigot battle. Later in years, Unichat server was cut off, which was the end of unichat, so long ninja walk(I always wanted to give a shot, but I couldn’t), and “`”invincibility. I’ve heard there was a unichat2, but now, that doesn’t exist. So long unichat, it was pretty fun. Well I’m glad that all came to an end, I’ve now matured, But I won’t forget what I’ve done to you.

I’m so sorry for hurting your feeling, and giving you a hard time, Sora, and I hope this message could reach you somewhere deep in the Internet. Farewell, and good life.

Sorry Sora


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