Window Vista search sucks

Posted in Uncategorized on September 6, 2008 by ncwall

Ok, I was going to search a .wav file, I know what folder it was on, so I type in part of the filename but it didn’t show up! I find eventually w/o the search, and I copied the whole name on the search, but nothing happened! I even went into advance search, but it didn’t show up! It could find the shortcut, but not the real file. Omg, censoredbeep.wav


Sora, from Unichat, I’m so sorry for harassing you.

Posted in Personal/Things you don't need to know on August 29, 2008 by ncwall

I am Batboy/Batboys. Back then the Unichat era(2000’s), I used to (electronically)punch you, and scrawl/exit away like a cowardous little bat I was. This stupid childish habit lasted for months or weeks. My mind has expanded to any length to make fun of in front of the users. I even made a chatroom that has the title, “SORA SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!”(Or something like that). But you would return fire by making a another chatroom titled, “BATBOY SUCKS” but that would be soon an insult to batboy users. But, I didn’t take what you would felt into consideration. I’m sorry, I hurt your feelings, I’m very sorry.

Why did I chose to become enemy with you back then? Sora was a well known name in the anime series “Digimon(I still don’t like it today)”. I liked it, but then I started to hate it. One reason was it was a copy off from Pokemon, another reason was that whole Digimon transformation theme(I still find it annoying today) theme song. But the way I developed to hate things, was like a militia/army/warfare sense. I treated everything I hate like an enemy that needs to be dealt, like a real war. This has probably been developed because I played alot of videogames in the past, but I haven’t played any military game in the past. So I guess my sense was a major Fanboy Bigot battle. Later in years, Unichat server was cut off, which was the end of unichat, so long ninja walk(I always wanted to give a shot, but I couldn’t), and “`”invincibility. I’ve heard there was a unichat2, but now, that doesn’t exist. So long unichat, it was pretty fun. Well I’m glad that all came to an end, I’ve now matured, But I won’t forget what I’ve done to you.

I’m so sorry for hurting your feeling, and giving you a hard time, Sora, and I hope this message could reach you somewhere deep in the Internet. Farewell, and good life.

Sorry Sora

Monday doesn’t suck

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Sunday does, you have to go to bed early for school tommorow(8:00pm), and you have to go to church! Don’t mess with monday, it’s a normal day. Sunday is a day were you rush thing to get stuff done for tommorow, and it gives you an empty feeling whether your fun is done or any other reason. I may never know why you people talk crap about it. OMG.
It’s a fact.